Falls Prevention

Staying functionally fit

​Falls are the leading cause of injury in people aged 65 and over living in the community but they can be prevented with a well-considered programme of intelligent exercises. 

​After a fall, an older person has a 50 per cent probability of having their mobility seriously impaired. Falls can destroy confidence, impair function, increase isolation and reduce independence. Strength, flexibility, balance and reaction time are considered the most readily modifiable risk factors for falls.

Healthy movement is an essential part of being able to remain autonomous (as independent as you choose to be) and maintaining a sense of freedom as you age. It is easy for movement deficits to emerge without us noticing because changes take place so slowly.

Trials and systemic reviews now provide clear evidence that falls in older people can be prevented with appropriately designed intervention programmes. In particular, the home-based Otago Exercise Programme has been shown to reduce rates of falls and injury by as much as 35%. It is a muscle strengthening and balance retraining programme delivered by a trained physiotherapist.

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​If you are concerned about your own well-being with regard to falls or if you have a relative or friend who you think may benefit from such a programme please do not hesitate to contact us.

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