Hot Stones and Swedish Massage

Hot Stones Massage

A wonderful way to renew and refresh your wellbeing

What can I expect from my Hot Stones Massage?

This luxurious massage is a specialist treatment using smooth, flat, basalt stones that are warmed. Our skilled therapist will place the stones at certain points of the body in order to sooth and relax tired and tense muscles. The therapist will also deliver a deep tissue massage by holding the stones in their hands, work the muscles of your back, neck, arms and legs, rather than simply using their hands, with strokes and techniques, as with a regular massage.

If you are lacking energy or have been injured, this massage can help to boost circulation and relax tense muscles, aid with pain relief and promote sleep.

What is an appointment like?

Before your initial consultation, you will asked about your medical history, health issues, lifestyle and diet. Sessions last 45 minutes . It is recommended to have five or six sessions to gain the most benefit from your treatment
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Swedish Massage

Well known for good reason​

What can I expect from my Swedish Massage?

When you think of a luxurious massage treatment, the Swedish Massage is often what comes to mind. It is the classic massage treatment performed to improve your overall health and to energise the body by manipulating the muscles and joints to relieve pain or stress. The kinds of techniques used may involve kneading, rolling, percussion, and tapping. Lotion or massage oil is applied to protect the skin from friction.

It is a superb way to unwind and relax those tight muscles and promote blood circulation.

Swedish massage is also associated with boosting immunity, reducing symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety, generally improving mental and emotional wellbeing.

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