“At the beginning of 2016 I broke my foot, four months later I was still on crutches which is when I followed up on a recommendation and contacted Sara and her team. The turn around in my mobility, which they enabled, was nothing short of miraculous. After the second session I was walking unaided. A combination of the treatment I received and the exercises I was given to do at home had me back to running and competing in an aquathlon within two months. Thank you”

Cathryn Woodward, Consultant Oncologist

“Let me just start by saying I set high standards for myself,
people who work for me and suppliers. I certainly don’t write testimonials lightly but I feel truly compelled to let you, the Directors of the business, know what I think of your business.I am a 43 year old male, who has recently come back to competitive swimming after a long lay-off. I’ve always swum but over the past twelve months have been aiming for particular performance goals and have increased my training to five or six 60 to 120 minute sessions per week.

Eight years ago I broke my left clavicle into three pieces in a skiing accident. This healed slowly, was very painful and eventually set in a rather distorted shape. It didn’t give me pain but it definitely reduced my shoulder mobility. However, as I have upped the swim intensity it has given me real pain to the extent that I have had to take ibuprofen before and after sessions. This had to stop!

Helpful people in the know told me it was rotator cuff damage, swimmers shoulder, torn tendons etc etc – that fact is I had no idea and needed it sorting.

I booked an initial consultation and over the hour the problem was assessed and I was provided me with an exercise regime.

​My physio also did some awesome massaging which made me feel unbelievably good. Almost immediately I could feel more mobility on my left side and the pain I had felt drifted away. I could swim hard with shoulder pain which has meant I have been able to work my left side harder – guess what? I’m going faster!!!

The second session further identified a weakened serratus anterior and I have now found two tomes of great significance which have helped me find specific exercises for this muscle, which often gets over shadowed by the lats and more powerful back muscles in swimmers. These are Complete Conditioning for Swimming by Dave Salo and Swimming Anatomy by Ian McLeod. I recommend you read them if other swimmers float by!!

So what? Well for those of a competitive nature the results have been good. I recently completed a time trial for 200 metre Breaststroke in 3.17.95, which is .95 seconds off a World Masters qualifying time. I honestly thought I’d be 8 to 10% off that time. The only thing that has changed is a stronger left side and thats down to you guys!!!”

Many thanks

Yours, with no shoulder pain (but every other part aching.

​Richard Leech


“I would like to say that following a very nasty fall and injuring my rotator cuff, tearing the tendons and fracturing the shoulder I had an operation and then had physio.

Mr Cohen the Surgeon advised a 9 to 12 month recovery period. The physiotherapy that I have received through your team at Cambridgeshire Sports Physio and Back Care helped me enormously to make a remarkable recovery within 6 months not 12 months as advised. My physio has been pleasant, kind, (yet firm and determined) to resolve the problems I have endured and though relatively young has proven herself as extremely competent in how she has treated my injury. I have met many physiotherapists over the years and none have matched up to the care and ability that Hannah has quickly attained to.

Cambridgeshire Sports Physio and Back Care will now as a result of my physo’s achievements always be my first port of call and first recommendation to anybody I meet who needs professional assistance in recovering from any injury.

Thank-you once again for treating me with confidence and care at a time when I most definitely needed your help.

I certainly wish you all well and will recommend you to every person I meet, I am eternally grateful.”

​Kind regards,
Paul Hunt, Chairman of Commitments Protection Ltd and Huntingdon Town FC

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